About us

About us

We are a young company that is engaged in the rental and leasing of cars and campervans. On the Slovenian market, we are highly motivated, with great knowledge and professionalism, and we offer car rentals at affordable prices. We are looking forward to building a long-lasting and professional relationship with our business partners.

Our vision

We want to become one of the leading car rental providers in Slovenia and the global market, directed toward satisfying our customers and employees. We will achieve this with the quick response and flexibility of our employees, continual adaptation to the needs of our clients, and favorable conditions.

The mission

The basic task of our company is to facilitate the mobility of people, their safety, and to provide the conditions and services with vehicles that meet the desires and needs of everyone, both for the everyday individual as well as for business and holidaymaking purposes. We want to have satisfied customers, therefore, we are constantly complementing the offer with additional accompanying activities.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Favorable car & campervan rentals.
  • All vehicles are fully insured.
  • Vehicles are equipped with the SLO vignette.
  • Air conditioning in all vehicles.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Vehicle pick-up outside of working hours.
  • Car rentals with our drivers.
  • Vehicle delivery to your location.
  • Transportation for special occasions.
  • Adaptation to the needs and desires of customers.

Easy car rental

Vehicles can be booked through the website, in person, or by phone. You can also send us your wishes via e-mail.


Anytime and anywhere

The vehicle can be easily picked up at a desired location, even on weekends and holidays. Payment of the rental vehicle can be made directly at the time of the delivery of the vehicle.


Cheap car rental prices

Renting cars and campervans, we rank among the most affordable providers in Slovenia, while at the same time guaranteeing high quality services. We invite you to see for yourself!